About Scott-Nichol

Scott-Nichol Socks

Made at the Pantherella factory in Leicester, in the heart of England, Scott-Nichol socks are all hand-finished to the highest standards demanded by the World's finest sockmakers. Scott-Nichol use a 'leisure knit' that is a higher gauge than usually used by Pantherella, and this creates a versatile, leisure sock for the discerning gentleman and lady.

  • Scott-Nichol Wool socks are knitted from a blend of warm virgin wool taken from a sheep’s first shearing, with a touch of nylon for added fit and longevity.

    WOOL IS WATER RESISTANT - Wool fibres are actually hollow with a durable, flexible and water- resistant exterior.

    WOOL BREATHES MOISTURE - Aside from resisting most external moisture, wool fibres allow water vapour to pass through [perspiration] so carrying it away from the body for it to evaporate more quickly, thus keeping you more comfortable.

    WOOL IS A WONDERFUL INSULATOR - Wool fibres are not perfectly smooth or straight. Instead, they’re curly, which helps produce tiny insulating air spaces that retain more heat.

    WOOL IS NATURALLY ODOUR-RESISTANT - Synthetic fibres, like acrylic, begin to retain odours over time.  Wool is much more resistant to retaining odours. Sheep’s wool is also naturally resistant to wrinkling and static.

  • Scott-Nichol Soft Cotton socks are knitted from a blend of super-soft ringspun cotton, with a touch of nylon for added durability and a snug fit.

    COTTON IS A NON-ALLERGENIC FIBRE -  It doesn’t irritate sensitive skin and its softness makes it a preferred fibre for socks and other intimate garments worn next to the skin.

    COTTON IS BRIGHT - Cotton is one of the most versatile fibres to dye, because it’s light in colour and very absorbent.

    COTTON BREATHES EASILY - This makes cotton more comfortable to wear than most synthetic fibres as it can wick and transport moisture away from the body. It can help to keeps the body cooler in summer and warmer in winter due to its natural thermal properties.

    COTTON IS NATURAL AND MORE ECOLOGICALLY SUSTAINABLE - Unlike synthetic fibres, cotton is a naturally harvested product that uses very little crude-oil based chemicals and has a much lower Carbon Footprint.


A Brief History of Scott-Nichol

    • The Beginning

      The company was founded in the 1930s by John Scott-Nichol and established in Factory Street, Shepshed, Leics, on the edge of the Charnwood Forest in Leicestershire.

    • At first it was known as Shepshed Footwear Co Ltd before changing its name to Scott-Nichol in 1946.

    • The Scott-Nichol family had centuries of experience in the Scottish wool trade and could trace their descent from Sir Walter Scott.

    • John Scott-Nichol

      John Scott-Nichol was awarded the Military Cross for gallantry in World War I, and served as a Captain in the Shepshed Home Guard in World War II.

    • John Scott-Nichol’s innovative blend of wool and nylon swept through the hosiery industry, revolutionising the manufacture of durable socks for school wear.

    • In 1947 British Industries Fair Advert featured Scott-Nichol as the "The Crest for Quality" in Men's Handmade Socks. They advertised socks that were: "Argyle, Camel Hair, Iceland Wool, Half Hose and Short Socks in a wide range of Original Designs. Also 6/3 and other Varieties of Ribs."  They exhibited in the Textiles Section - Earls Court, Ground Floor.

    • The Scott-Nichol brand remained a family concern until the mid-1970s.

    • The company stayed in private ownership, and in 2006 it was purchased by Pantherella.